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La confusion vient du manque de conscience spirituelle. Quand on ne croit plus en Dieu, en l'existence de l'âme, on est perméable à la confusion. Le pragmatisme, la raison s'effacent au profit de l'idéologie. Les idéologues sont comme les religieux extrémistes, de quelques religions que ce soit

texte de sri hans Yoganand sur la spiritualité, le racisme, le wokisme et l'islamisme.
On peut avoir peur des étrangers sans les considérer comme inférieurs



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Racism and Islamism




What characterises a «superficial» consciousness is confusion. What is confusion? When one no longer knows what is right and wrong, which one cannot say, about a person, whether he or she is a man or a woman, when one says that it is not necessary to be a man to be a father, when one confuses racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia, It’s a sign of great confusion.



For those for whom my word is important, I propose a small lexicon with some clear explanations.




Racism, etc




Racism: Ideology affirming that there are different races of the human species and that establishes a hierarchy, a scale of values between them. Some races would be superior to others.



Racialism: Current of thought considering that there are different races, in the human species, but not establishing a hierarchy between them.



Xenophobia: Fear of what is foreign. A xenophobic is not necessarily racist. A person may be afraid of the foreigner, but not consider himself superior to him, nor have contempt for him.



In the villages, a foreigner may be the inhabitant of a neighbouring village, of a large regional metropolis. In the "Landes de Gascogne", for example, the inhabitants of Bordeaux are nicknamed «doryphores» by the inhabitants of the small villages of the "haute Lande".



In Beaujolais, in "Bois d'Oing", I met a winegrower’s wife from Lyon, a town about 40 kilometers away, who has been married for twenty years, a mother of three children and a member of the municipal council, whom the inhabitants of the village called “the foreigner”.



When I was a child, Italians, Spaniards and Poles were mocked, “Ritals”, “espingouins” and “polacks”, not to mention “portos” or Portuguese. Yet they cannot be regarded as belonging to a race other than our own, or even to another religion.



Anti-Jewish Racism: A Jew is the believer of the Hebrew or Jewish religion. It’s about religion, not race. There are many types of Jews. There are those from North Africa, those from Eastern Europe and even black Jews. A person who doesn’t like Jews is anti-Semitic, not racist. It can be both, it is not incompatible, as one can be racist and not anti-Semitic!




The fault of the whites




It is said that only whites are racist, that a black or an Arab or a Maghrebin cannot be racist. However, I know Algerians, racist Moroccans againts their darker-skinned compatriots. Hutus from Rwanda killed a million Tutsis. Was that racism? Xénophobia ? Just the politic ? Aren’t there Arabs who are racist towards black people?



We are talking about the original fault of white people, colonialism and slavery. To say that is to be ignorant. In the history of the world, colonialism and slavery have existed everywhere on Earth and all peoples have been guilty of it. The strong dominated the weak and invaded them, often subjugating them.



Love of Country and Culture: Is a person who loves his country and culture racist? Xénophobe ? From extreme-right wing ? Fascist ? People of the extreme left or other globalists, consider that humanity forms only an undifferentiated whole and advocate the end of borders and the interbreeding.



These people consider the lovers of France, for example, as racist and from extreme-right, which, in their eyes, disqualifies them and makes them inaudible, out of the democratic field. I think this stigma is dishonest and a political affair linked to electioneering.



It could be said that these advocates of inclusion exclude and stigmatize those who do not think like them.








Islamophobia: Fear of Islam. This word is an invention of the proponents of interbreeding and inclusion. They confuse mistrust of Islamism and mistrust of Muslims. It is not impossible for this confusion to be feigned and for purely electoral reasons to be used. Perhaps there are Islamophobic people who are afraid of Islam. There are many people who are afraid of butterflies!



Islam, Islamism: Islam is a religion. Islamism, a political-religious current inspired by a literal interpretation of the Koran and the hadiths (words of the prophet). Islamism, Muslim brotherhood and other radical groups, seek to dominate the world.



It’s at war with Christianity. It is using the weaknesses of western democracies, freedom of expression, secularism, and the woke and leftist idealist youth to enter and take power through democracy, as they say the Koran commands them to do.



A person who realizes this fact and who seeks to fight against it will be taxed with fascism, Islamophobia, when he is talking only about extremists, not quiet Muslims. The Islamists use, unbeknownst to them, quiet Muslims, as a backup troop, in their struggle against Christianity and the wearing of the headscarf, by women who are not involved, as a marker of Islam, a small "publicity" reminder intended to accustom minds.



Before the 1980s, when a pious Muslim person died, his family had his body repatriated, so that he could be buried in the "land of Islam", as the religion dictates. For some time now, French Muslims have been buried, for the most part, in France. Is it because France, in their eyes, has become the land of Islam?



The more the West dechristianizes itself, the more Islamism spreads. Nature hates a vacuum. A country that does not call itself Christian and supports freedom of worship opens its doors to those who call themselves Muslims. Islamism, in France, has set up a telephone platform to promote conversions to Islam. If the Catholic Church did the same, that would make the yokels sit up.



In the Paris region, an important municipality has its entire municipal council, including, of course, the mayor, composed exclusively of Muslim people, whose names are Maghreb. There is not a single white person, in the European name, who can be connected, in one way or another, to Christianity. I imagine that there must remain non-Muslim and non-African inhabitants, but they have been erased, democratically, since the majority voted for a list from which they were absent.



This situation is legal: these elected officials are of French nationality, whether by naturalization or by birth and, as this city has a large number of its Muslim inhabitants and originating from Africa, if there is a significant abstention and the Muslims have mobilized, they have won the elections. That’s what French secularism is: we don’t deal with people’s confession. The Islamists are in charge!



Surely Islam, the burkini in the pools, the veil in the sport, the hallal school canteens, the hallal shops, the mosques, the Arabic classes in the schools will be favored. We’ll see. If other cities take this path, the big replacement will be a fact and not an extreme right conspiracy theory any more. But, will answer the universalists, they are French! When France is a Muslim country, it will always be France, but what about our culture? About our mores ? Of our ways and customs? Of our language? Of our gastronomy, the status of women? Of teaching?




Love of the country




Then the wokes will bite their hands because Islamism does not like homosexuals, transgendered people, freedom of expression, equality of women and men, parity and all those things. Having said that, it should be noted that the wokes, the universalists, the leftists do not like the freedom to express itselfs, because as soon as one expresses an unorthodox opinion, one is “cancelled” or erased, vilified, insulted, called a Nazi, fascist, stunted nationalist.



This is the confusion. It has its origin in the lack of spiritual consciousness. When one no longer believes in God, in the existence of the soul, one is open to confusion. Pragmatism and reason disappear in favour of ideology. Ideologists are like extremist religious, of any religion: they do not see reality, but through the filter of their concepts.



We can love our country, our traditions, know that Islamism is at war with us and love the people and culture of other countries. Wanting to protect one’s cultural heritage does not prevent one from being open to the world. Those who say the contrary are people blinded by their ideology or in bad faith. Ukrainian nationalism is fashionable, yet the Russians say it is motivated by Nazism... it reminds me of something! For my part, I lived in India for years, in an ashram. I married a woman from the Maghreb, with whom I had two children and I love my country.



I love Morocco, its culture, its people, its cuisine, its light and I would like to live there. However, I love France, its literature, its culture, its language, then? Am I a racist? No, because I know that there is only one species; the human race and I consider the soul of people. A soul is a soul. Practitioners of the Path live in Black Africa, India, Asia, America, Europe. Yet, I know the cultural differences that exist in the world and that they make its richness!



I love India and could live there all year. I also love France, the country where I was born, where my parents were born, where I received my education and I live there all year round, and when I meet someone, I don’t judge them. For me, he/she has a soul, like mine. I also know what a soul is, as I have frequented the essence of all souls in my daily practice of The Path since 1975. I initiate who asks me and I ask him no justification, no conditions.



However, that does not prevent me from seeing the war that Islamism is waging against us and the abuses it is generating in our countries. If no one (among our leaders) realizes this, we will have wasted time and our societies all cohesion. Our culture, worth many others, will disappear. Other cultures are beautiful, but why sacrifice ours?



Stop mixing everything, mistrust of Islamism and Islamophobia, racism, love of country, nationalism and fascism. If you advocate the freedom to think and express yourself, do not prevent those who do not think like you to express themselves.



This existence is temporary and that the most important is the deepening of his consciousness. During the time of our existence here below, taking care of the things of our world is part of life in spirituality. In the sadhana (all of what makes a practice) of The Path, one of the four pillars (agya), the «angas», speaks of investing in the life of the city (as the Freemasons say). This is not why we must forget the essential: the consciousness of the Holy Name.





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